A global appeal for change to a desirable world for all by evolutionising thinking through everyday use of language. First initiated in 2016 by Rivca Rubin.

The way we move through the world is hugely shaped by language, from our day-to-day communication to our internal thought patterns, our relationships http://www.grandreunion.net/upwording/with ourselves and others, to our attitude and approach to life. As thinking and speaking are so habitual, the language we use and the impact it can have on our daily interactions and stream of consciousness goes largely unnoticed.

Our communications today are still riddled with phrases and concepts that cultivate hierarchies and uphold inequalities. If our intention is to move to environments that nurture mutual benefit, promote autonomy and responsible living, we can choose to make active shifts in our intention and language that facilitate, rather than hinder this; Upwording.

When intention changes, the impact is instant – even very small changes create instant positive impacts with self and others.

In this global moment of increasingly divisive, fear-driven politics, Upwording can lift our thinking quickly, facilitating a collective re-imagining of what else could be possible, to action towards more satisfied, invigorated and sustainable interactions; relationships; family lives; workplaces; societies; cultures; a desirable global world for all.

This is a grand vision and it is pragmatically achievable through Upwording – with ourselves, partners and family, our peers, colleagues and students, strangers and friends alike, and our children, right from birth.

Upwording: words change worlds. Join the movement.

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